This is for females who are frustrated with their current Health, Fitness and Mindset, no matter where you are starting your journey, we are here to educate, motivate and propell you to your goal.

You might be reading this because you feel frustrated with your weight loss, perhaps you need a kick start, maybe your stressed mindset stops you, perhaps it's just that you don’t have the confidence you want wearing that special dress on a night out.

You have tried slimming world, weight watchers, detox diets, magic fat loss pills, starvation, cabbage soup, juice plus, herbalife, basically everything and you might even have lost a bit of weight, you may have lost a lot, but no matter what it always seems to come back with a vengeance. Without noticing it creeps back and your back at the start everytime, having to find the motivation to start again.

It's an endless cycle of desire to lose weight, introduce strict diet, initially lose weight and feel good, get bored of strict diet, ease off slightly, give up altogether, put weight back on, start again. The roller coaster is exhausting and the worst part you just don't know how to stop it.


Weight loss can be difficult but it doesn’t have to be, you can achieve whatever you want too, you just need to have a clear plan, and that's exactly what we have created here at TLF Retreats.

We whisk you away to Portugal for 6 days and educate you through our training sessions and nightly seminars, we believe if you understand why your doing it, your more likely to stick to it. Motivate you though you working on your current mindset, taking you through a journey to where you want to be so that you leave with a map of where you want to go and a clear plan how to achieve it.

Before you arrive you'll pick your personalised meal plan on the retreat that our in house chef will cook for you. Our trainer will take you through two daily training sessions, working you at YOUR fitness level, to help lift your metabolism and begin to drop weight whilst every day we take in Yoga and Mobility sessions and de-stress meditation so you achieve mind clarity. You'll finish every day with a relaxing hour before bed so that you get a good, quality 7 hour sleep and ready to take on the next day.

We know that 6 days is only a flash in the pan and

whilst we will kick start your weight loss and you will feel
amazing when you leave, we aim to provide you with
the  knowledge so you know exactly how to eat, 
how to train and where you want to go when you
get back to your every day life.

How do we do this?

With our 4 seminars through the week,

we cover nutrition, understanding your hormones,
the key to mindset and brain training and targetting belly fat.

After you leave we don't want to wave goodbye and wish you well at the end of the 6 days, so just in case your motivation lulls at any point we coach you online  following the retreat to ensure you have carrying on your hard work and continue the new rituals in your life that we teach you in Portugal; 

So Who Is The Ultimate Fitness Retreat For?

Females who;

> Are struggling to lose weight
> Are frustrated with slow results in their weight loss
> Are in a diet cycle and want to know how to get out of it
> Want to be whisked away to a 5 star villa and have their own in-house chef and personal trainer for a week
> Want to kick start their health to a new blueprint version of themselves
> Want to have daily meditation and yoga sessions to be more flexible and reduce stress

What happens on the Ultimate Fitness Retreat?

>> Two training sessions a day to speed up metabolism and shed that unwanted weight
>> Daily Yoga and mobility to increase flexibility and decrease aches, pains and stress
>> An in-house Chef to prepare and cook all your pre-chosen meals
>> A Personal Trainer to guide you through each session and push you to your individual fitness level
>> Daily De-stress and deep sleep Meditation sessions
>> 5 Star Villa luxury where you get to spend some down time relaxing by the heated pool or chilling by reading a good book
>> 4 seminars to arm you with the knowledge to help you lose body fat and achieve your dream body for once and for all

>> Tons of little surprises along the way

'A Life Changing Experience' Anne Oct 2016

ABOUT TLF Retreats


Places Are Extremely Limited

Imagine Spending 6 Days In A 5 Star Retreat With Our In-House Chef, Personal Trainer and Daily Yoga & Meditation sessions.

Want to see inside the villa?

What is the Cost?

You might have been reading what is included and think to yourself, somewhere between £4,000 to £5,000, for one week, all this sounds like it's worth about that. But don't worry we won’t be charging anything close to that. 

Your own live in Personal Trainer would normally cost - Upwards from £1,000 for the week
Your own in-house chef would normally cost - Upwards of £700 for the week
Daily Yoga - Upwards of £120 for the week
Private Villa - Upwards of £1000 for the week

Normally all of this could cost way over £2800 for a week, though we won't let you pay close to that, not even half!!

Shared Two Single Bed's Room - £995pp

Double Bed Room with En-Suite** - £1095pp

King Size Bed with En-Suite and Private Balcony** - £1295pp

* All prices included return flights & transfers

** Double & King rooms can be shared.NOTE; 1 bed per room (new prices upon request)

What are the dates for 2017?


26th FEB - 4th MAR
19th MAR - 25th MAR

23rd APR - 19th APR

30th APR - 6th MAY

15th OCT - 21st OCT

Only 6 spaces available per retreat to ensure full laser focus on each individual.

Discounts available for groups of 2-6 friends

Each Retreat is subject to minimum 4 spaces being filled.